Colored blank nasal aromatherapy inhalers for essential oil (51mm cotton wicks)

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Free Shipping 20 Sets colored blank nasal aromatherapy inhalers for essential oil 

 1). Name: colorful blank nasal inhaler sticks with best quality 51mm cotton wicks

2). Model number: MR-NI 

3). One set of blank nasal inhaler sticks: four parts (inhaler, container, sealing cap, cotton wicks) 

4). 10 colors of blank nasal inhaler sticks: white, purple, blue, green, red, rose red, black, yellow, dark blue, orange


5). Weight of blank nasal inhaler sticks: 6g/Set     

     Weight of best quality cotton wicks: 1g/set

6). Size of blank nasal inhaler sticks: 17mm(D)x66mm(H)

     Size of best quality cotton wicks: 8mm(D)x51mm(H)

7). Functions: provides instant relief for dry, inflamed nasal passages due to colds, allergies, hay fever, and other nasal irritations

     Features: for adding different essential oils 


2.  4 Parts of Blank Nasal Inhaler Stick (1.6cm*6.6cm):

1). Container (outer shell; 5.6cm)  

 2). Inhaler (inner shell; 6cm)

 3). Highly absorbent cotton stick/ cotton wick (for adding essential oils; customized)

 4). Seal cap (for sealing)


3.  High Quality Cotton Wicks (51mm):


4. Main Functions:

1). Breathe freely; relief from dry, inflamed nasal passages, nasal congestion/ irritations

2). Refresh; remove fatigue/ sleepy/ dizziness/ carsickness

3). Relieve symptoms of colds, headache, allergies, hay fever

5. Features:

1). Applicable for everyone: office workers, students, travelling, insect bites and stings

1). Easy to carry 

2). Effective for a minimum of 3 months after first use

3). DIY your own favor or essential oils