Use Aromatherapy with Visualization & Law of Attraction Manifestation

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Learn to use aromatherapy with meditations, visualization and manifestation. Use your favorite essential oils to positively influence your emotions.

Reduce depression & anxiety and increase bliss and euphoria using your sense of smell.

When making long lasting, positive changes in life, use your own mind for associating raw data from the 5 senses to create & experiences inspiration, encouragement and motivation. 

Unconventional Mind Hacking forms:

Key essential ingredients for conscious intentional Manifestation requires:
1. Creative Visualization
2. Affirmative Self Talk
3. Powerful Emotion
4. Expectation, Expectation, Expectation
5. Repetition

The hilarious part of this is human beings are doing this all the time everyday all day.

We just aren't Aware of it. It happens on autopilot and so quickly some may think it isn't even happening at all!

I've been experimenting on my self lately with ways to master these techniques with more precision. Here are some wildly simplistic methods of extracting these ingredients from your mind:

1. Creative Visualization - Think of a movie and character that inspires you and literally see yourself in their place.

2. Affirmative Self Talk - In a deliciously relaxed state of mind, hear statements from your inner voice as if you are programming a computer with new commands.

3. Powerful Emotion - Use essential oils to help trigger positive emotional states. Our sense of smell activates the Limbic System (the part of the brain that controls emotional experience and expression). Some are calming and relaxing while others are scientifically proven to dramatically improve mental clarity, concentration, focus and learning such as:







4. Expectation- What we believe we will experience - our expectation - has a substantial impact on what we actually experience.

5. Repetition - Mirror Neurons are neurons in the brain that fire when an action is observed the SAME NEURONS fire when an action is performed. In other words for mirror neurons, Monkey See =Monkey Do.

Try these all at the same time. Its Fun!

What a lovely new habit to form for the New Year, hm?

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